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sábado, 25 de dezembro de 2010

A KEERAN Indestructo pen and an identical WAHL #6, both in red hard rubber That´s the only KEERAN pen I saw and the only information I found is on the two articles link below.And more .... , Monitor, Olympian , Penrite, and no name also made by Wahl

Two  #6 Olympian, a #6 Wahl and a #6 Keeran ( all Wahl made pens )

Luis, that should be "Indestructo", not "Indestructa". George Kovalenko.On 3/6/11.
You right George.It's already corrected.  Thank you very much. Anyway I'd like to have your opinion about this pen because as far as I know, Charles Keeran was not anymore  in the company at this time! Or am I wrong? Luiz

The pen is very interesting, but it provides more questions than answers. We do know that Keeran had a complex relationship with Wahl: he felt that they had not treated him fairly, yet he continued to do business with the company for an extended period.

How Wahl viewed Keeran is less clear. I would think that they looked upon him as someone to be handled with some care. There is reason to believe that they didn't think much of his ability to run a business, yet at the same time, had the deepest regard for his abilities as a market reader and inventor. If so, they would have wanted to maintain enough of a connection to prevent him developing (or being developed, through partners) into a dangerous competitor. The provision of Wahl-made pens for him to sell as Keeran products surely must have been rooted in this strategy. Perhaps a certain number of these pens were offered at some point as a settlement, in lieu of a cash payment.


A #6 Wahl rosewood pen and another similar one, not marked but fitted with a Skyline "like" eversharp nib !!! A custom order ?????

Two Paramount, two Monitor and a black lined hard rubber Penrite pen. Look to the similarities of clips, levers, sections and nibs, on the next photos and take your conclusions!

More Monitor pens , this time in plastic .

Some Eversharp pencils with different clips but , three of them with Monitor "like" clips !!!!!

Posted by Don Lavin on August 4, 2011, 10:07 pm, in reply to "Some unsual WAHL pens , for sure, but.... NOT marked!!!!!!!!"

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We have discussed these pens for quite some time now on various boards. These are sub-brands made by Wahl. There are also a number of additional pens which are similar, such as the Olympian. They are found in black hard rubber and red hard rubber. One big key to their being Wahl products are the lever boxes. They are the same as on Wahl Eversharp gold seal etc. pens.
The trim and clip are different from the typical WE pens but look like the trim and clip on these first 2 pens. And the nibs - with the heart shaped vent hole.

Around 1982 I had the opportunity to interview a very elderly former Wahl employee. The first question I posed to him concerned those nibs which I found frequently in the Chicago area. He looked at the nibs and immediately told me that they were made here in Chicago by Wahl. End of that discussion.

Of note is the fact that none of us veteran WE collectors have been able to produce one catalog or ad showing these pens. Virtually no literature has turned up and this includes Cliff Harrington and the Wahlnut. Always nice to see a discussion on vintage pens. Don


Very nice WAHL #6 pen set in mottled red hard rubber.

Detail of the original #6 Wahl nib

HICKS pencil in red hard rubber. Two imprints: one from Goodyear the men who invented vand developed hard rubber and the other from the maker ( Hicks ). A very interesting Item. For a similar one see page 19 of the book: Mabie in America, by David L. Moak, third edition,2007.

Three LIBERTY pens from NY, one in mottled red hard rubber and the other one in red hard rubber. Nice and very well made pens.

 Detail of barrel imprint
 Detail of the original #8 warranted nib

 Detail of barrel imprint ( faded )

Detail of the original #8 warranted nib

The SHEAFFER " SECRETARY " PENS. The black chased hard rubber model of this nice pen was born in 1923. It had the same size of the " LIFETIME" model launched in 1920 with the diference that they hadn't the lifetime warranty and the nib was a #7 and not a #8. What collectors and pen experts think is that the SECRETARY was directed to a special professional class ( the secretaries ) keeping good quality with a cheaper price ( around 20% less than the LIFETIME model ) . It remains a mistery the reason why a few months after the launch of the hard rubber model SHEAFFER put on the market the cherry red RADITE SECRETARY model !!!! Today both models are very sought after by fountain pen collectors and it seems that there is a blue model wich I never saw. In the 1926 SHEAFFER catalogue,we can see three diferent sizes of this model: a full sized, a shorter version with clip, and finally a ring top model. Despite the size of all the three models they were fitted with SECRETARY # 7 gold nibs with the mission to resist to a though intensive work!

Detail of imprint and chased

Detail of nibs ( #7 nibs )

sexta-feira, 24 de dezembro de 2010

THREE #20 WATERMAN'S PENS: RED RIPPLE BLACK CHASED, two FANTASTIC PENS with two #10 wonderful nibs!!!!! and another #20 in smooth black hard rubber with another #78 black chased hard rubber eyedropper pen.

Details of the big nibs

A #20 smooth black harder rubber eyedropper WATERMAN'S pen and a #78 unsual, chased black hard rubber eyedropper WATERMAN'S pen the second biggest size in WATERMAN'S  eyedropper model.

 Detail of the barrel's imprint on the #20 pen

Detail of the #10 nib fitted in the #20 model

Detail of th #8 nib fitted in the #78 pen

 Detail of barre'l end imprint on the #20 pen

Details of barrel's end imprint on the #78 pen

Two RED RIPPLE #58 WATERMAN'S the first one ,imported from the French market and completed with an acomodation 18 KT snake clip and a 18 KT wide cap band with french hallmarks

 One #58 for export and a normal version for the American market
Detail of the two #8 WATERMAN'S nibs

And another #58 WATERMAN'S  pen but with a basket wave silver overlay

Detail of the #8 usual nib.