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domingo, 12 de dezembro de 2010

LAKOR red mottled hard rubber pen with Conklin like crescent filler.I don´t know nothing about this pen!!! Could anyone HELP?

 Detail of the LAKOR clip
 Detail of the ARC crescent filler
 Detail of the nib . Joie d'écrire means hapiness of writing
Detail of the feeder

Report  from PAUL BLOCH:

Some research later - I found your old post on FPN of the Eclipse pen with a Lakor clip - and then I came across something in Spanish. Apparently the Lakor brand pen was sold in Spain in the 1920's; several models. Some question as to whether they 
were made by a company in New York. That's all of it, unfortunately. Wouldn't be surprised if someone tried to see what he could do in the export market, came up with a name as a variant of an existing company, and didn't have a lot of success, but left a few souvenirs around. All of that said, the Lakor crescent filler is a beautiful pen!

Today the 24th of November 2011 ( and after a request posted by Paul Bloch in Pentrace message board ) I received the following information posted by Alvaro Sanchez Álamo :

The Spanish brand Lakor information is from 1923, here you can see ads for this year (March and November) ...

... although in different texts speak of its creation in 1930.

Here's a picture of a Lakor in ebonite

it seems the Spanish brand's signature mounted and distributed from Barcelona while making his pieces performed in New York.

In Spain there are great collectors of Spanish fountain, here I leave a link to a forum post (in Spanish) which talks about different Spanish brands.

Thank you very much Álvaro for your help.

And now have a look at this LAKOR / ECLIPSE pen  other Eclipses and a Marxton ( also Eclipse made )

This photo was worked on as many other by my friend João Pavão martins to whom I wish to thank

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