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sábado, 11 de dezembro de 2010

CAREY pen "middle joint" in red mottled hard ruber and fine silver overlay.

The nice CAREY  # 7 gold nib!!!!
I bought this pen some years ago in a pen show I atended in Morristown New Jersey and is one of my favourite pens.

Paul bloch gave me the following information about CAREY pens, after consulting two sites and an article ( Kamakura , pensandwatches.com and a Pennant article three years old ).

Luiz -
Here is my brief paragraph on Carey. I simply edited that which I found on pensandwatches and Kamakura and in the Pennant article - they should be credited for having done the research.
Carey Pen Co. – began in New York City ca. 1890, and produced high quality MHR pens with overlays. Early pens were eyedroppers; later models included safety pens, self-fillers and middle joints (based, probably, on a license from A. A. Waterman’s patent of 1899). In the 19-teens, offices were also opened in Boston and Philadelphia. In addition to pens, Carey also made automobile lamps and was a political cartoonist. Since Carey did little advertising, and as no patents exist belonging to Carey, and since Carey used patents belonging to other manufacturers, it may be assumed that Carey was more of an repairer/assembler/marketer, rather than a manufacturer of pens. Apparently business ceased ca. 1930.

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