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sábado, 25 de dezembro de 2010

The SHEAFFER " SECRETARY " PENS. The black chased hard rubber model of this nice pen was born in 1923. It had the same size of the " LIFETIME" model launched in 1920 with the diference that they hadn't the lifetime warranty and the nib was a #7 and not a #8. What collectors and pen experts think is that the SECRETARY was directed to a special professional class ( the secretaries ) keeping good quality with a cheaper price ( around 20% less than the LIFETIME model ) . It remains a mistery the reason why a few months after the launch of the hard rubber model SHEAFFER put on the market the cherry red RADITE SECRETARY model !!!! Today both models are very sought after by fountain pen collectors and it seems that there is a blue model wich I never saw. In the 1926 SHEAFFER catalogue,we can see three diferent sizes of this model: a full sized, a shorter version with clip, and finally a ring top model. Despite the size of all the three models they were fitted with SECRETARY # 7 gold nibs with the mission to resist to a though intensive work!

Detail of imprint and chased

Detail of nibs ( #7 nibs )

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