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domingo, 16 de março de 2014

Solid colors VACUMATIC prototypes.

The VACUMATIC  are in my humble opinion a big group of pens or a big type of pens , each one  of them with its own caractheristics ( size , color, shape, cap bands, nib, clip, pattern and so on )  and  for that reason each one  of them with a special  charme! During the VACUMATIC era, a lot of celluloid  plastics were offered  by DuPont to Kenneth Parker who had to evaluate and discuss ( together with his staff ) which colours and patterns had the chance to be a commercial success. The solid colours were not an option but as usual some prototypes were made. It´s interesting to  think that too many years after, this option was taken to produce some British, French and Danish Duofolds!
Along the years I had the oportunity to buy some of these so rare pens or even mockups ( without nib or feeder ).
So you have now the chance to have a look at some of these beauties.

PS once again I would like to thank to my friend João Pavão Martins who worked on this photo; the colours you see are the real ones! 

terça-feira, 4 de março de 2014

Some Jack Knife Lucky Curve pens in ebonite

From left to the right: A #28 , #28 1/2 ( chased ) , #25 short model, #25, #25 1/2 ( chased ) and finally a #25 red and black mottled hard rubber.Another photo worked on by my friend João Pavão Martins.

domingo, 2 de março de 2014

Some RHR Parker Duofold

These are some RHR Parker Duofold. The first one it's the less commun and  besides the unusual Jack Knife cap imprint as also a number 6 imprinted on the blind cap. This nice photo was worked on as usual by my friend João Pavão Martins  to whom I wish to thank.