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domingo, 30 de janeiro de 2011

NAMIKI MAKI-E LACQUER PEN DECORATED WITH TSUBA AND SAKURA.Japanese , mid - 1920s. The red maki-e raden ground inlaid with iridescent aogai shell and decorated with sakura blossom, five different tsuba(sword-guards) in high relief using a variety of maki-e and lacquer techniques ,red seal kao hidden amongst the decoration of the fifth , with Namiki # 6 14 K nib . A MASTERPIECE!!!!!!!!! Probably done by the great master lacquer artist MATSUDA!!!!






NOTE: The text  with this pen's description was copied from the BLOOMSBURY  auction catalogue of " Fine and rare vintage fountain pens and pencils " dated 30th Sptember,2005. To read it in a easy way you can " click" over each text photo .  The PHOTOS and PEN belongs to the author of this blog.

domingo, 23 de janeiro de 2011

Two moderne Parker "snake " model 1997.

 In 1997 Parker decided to launch two versions of the iconic snake model: one with a silver overlay ( photo on the left ) and another one with a gold overlay. On the right you can see a prototype wich I bought from a  former  Parker employe  without nib and feeder. In 2006  I decided to fit the pen with a modern Duofold feeder and nib because after years of searching It has been impossible to buy an original Parker snake nib! In my opinion if Parker decided to launch the red version it would be a great success because this red colour similar to red hard rubber remains a mytic colour among collectors !!!
Details of the two nibs: the original one and the other one, ( a moderne duofold  ).

domingo, 16 de janeiro de 2011

EDISON pen, eyedropper , black hard rubber with gold filled filigree overlay similar to the one of PARKER # 33.

 Details of the Edison imprint
Details of the EDISON'S gold nib.
Although this pen is not marked HEATH only him could did this work ,( exactly the same of PARKER # 33 ), ordered by EDISON.

HEATH , eyedropper , black chased hard rubber, emblem pen.

 Detail of box and instructions
 The pen
 Detail of the barrel imprint
 Detail of the gold and blue enamel monogram on the cap's top.
Detail of the HEATH Tribune gold nib.
Looking to this pen we can understand that HEATH didn't make only " luxury " pens but also cheaper ones. What we don´t know is if he made this pens only when they were ordered with some extra ( like this gold and enamel monogram ). Any comment will be welcome to my e-mail lleite@netcabo.pt

HEATH , eyedropper pen, half sterling silver filigree overlay .

I didn't polish the silver overlay to not remover the patina.

Details of v v clip, Heath Tribune imprint and Heath nib on the previous pen.

HEATH tribune fountain pen, eyedropper black hard rubber with gold filled filigree cap overlay and v v clip and alternating corrugated abalone and mother of pearl .

This beautiful pen is an exact copy of one of the PARKER # 15 variations that HEATH made for that company. If he made for others , why not to make for himself also ?

Detail of the HEATH cap and barrel hallmark and nib on the previous pen .

As a jeweller it was quite simple to HEATH to produce also  nibs to fit his own pens .  

HEATH sterling silver filigree overlay similar to the one done on PARKER pens but with lever filler and not button filler filling system ; 1920 - 1925 .

Details of the barrel and cap imprints on the previous pen.

PARKER # 20 , long version , eyedropper, red and black mottled hard rubber , turban cap, c. 1910 - 1916 .

Details of the cap imprints .

Two PARKER # 20 ( long and short version ) Jack - Knife safety , eyedropper pens, black chased hard rubber with turban and gold filled cap bands , c. 1910- 1916 .

Two PARKER safety, button filler , smooth gold filled overlay ( long and short version ) , unnumbered , c. 1917 - 1925.

Details of the HEATH hallmark on the two pens and the A.A. Waterman nib fitted on the right pen .

We can only conjecture if this is a replacement nib or... if the pen is a real A.A.WATERMAN  " dressed " by HEATH !!!??? There are  no other marks on the cap or barrel of this pen. We also know about the "war" moved by L.E.WATERMAN  to A.A.WATERMAN and the obligation of the last one to engrave on their pens : NOT CONNECTED WITH L.E.WATERMAN !!! This kind of engraving would take the beauty to a pen like this. Could A.A.WATERMAN opted to keep only the HEATH hallmark and the original  A.A.WATERMAN nib???? Your opinion would be appreciated. If you have any problem to leave a comment you can e-mail me to : lleite@netcabo.pt and I will post the comment on the blog.