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sábado, 11 de dezembro de 2010

Three Waterman's check book ( one smooth red and other smooth black) in black hard rubber, one of them with sterling silver overlay and .... more ........

A sterling silver #404 Waterman's eyedropper pen, INDIAN SCROLL

Detail of the typical HEATH hallmark  with the H inside a square and two "wings", faded.

Two sterling silver eyedropper Waterman's pens with "SNAIL PATTERN" ; a #402 and a #404.

A #4 gold filled taper cap  Golpheresque patern
L.E. Waterman Ideal #0324 black hard rubber taper cap eyedropper filling pen with gold filled Golpheresque design, ca. 1905. This pen does not appear to have been used much at all and is almost in NOS condition. The nib is a very nice early #4 NY semi flexible fine nib. The hard rubber is as close to mint as it gets and shows no trace of oxidation, no wear to the overlay and it is crisp and clean. The original red wax is still in the cap vent hole. The imprint on the cap is crisp, no names initials, etc. All the edges of the hard rubber are sharp, the cap posts to the section and barrel end so cleanly that when you remove the cap it sounds like a cork pulled out of a bottle. I have owned this pen for over 20 years and I have never seen a nicer one. This pen has not been cleaned or polished in any way. You will not find a pen this early in this condition very often.

Very early, ca. 1892 LE Waterman #4 fountain pen with original box and instruction sheet. This is a really nice pen with a 2 line imprint and very hard to find "horseshoe" vent hole nib with a beautiful patina. This pen does not even look like it was used very much if at all. The box and instructions have the 157 Broadway address making this very early. The feed is the correct 3 fissure feed, and  the back of the feed is the very early "scooped out" design.

L.E. Waterman #12 black chased hard rubber eyedropper filled Chatelaine pen. This unusual pen is the earliest Waterman chatelaine style with gold filled bands on the cap and barrel ca, 1908. This pen has the style of threading on the barrel found only on this earliest screw cap pen. The pen cap is fully marked. Pen is in good condition, with moderate fading of the hard rubber, wear to chasing and globe imprint on the cap. The barrel threads do not engage the cap, but it is the correct unique to this pen cap, and matches the barrel. The threads engage if the cap is squeezed gently. The nib is a nice #2 NY fine moderately flexible nib. Initials on cap band. A nice, very early version of the screw cap Chatelaine Waterman. ( by GEORGE FISCHLER )

Waterman past and present , the first six decades . Max Davis and Gary Lehrer , page 40.

Rare and early L.E. Waterman mottled red and black hard rubber eyedropper filled straight cap pen, ca. 1896. This very early pen is fitted with a #2 Star nib and 3 fissure feed. The nib is a fine, and very flexible, but a little scratchy. The pen is in very good/excellent condition, some very light fading of the hard rubber. The cap fits nicely on the section. The barrel imprint is the early 2 line version with 1884 patent dates. Early straight cap pens in mottled hard rubber are hard to find.

Very hard to find Waterman Ideal eyedropper filling black hard rubber fountain pen used in the multi-pen Sign-o-graph, ca. 1910. This rare pen with correct cap is in excellent condition and is fitted with a #4 medium width flexible New York nib. The barrel is marked on the flat bottom with the Waterman globe logo, while the full imprint is on the cap. The size of this pen is unique to the Sign-o-graph measuring just over 4 in. closed. The section will also only fit on this pen and is extra thick as seen in the photo. The hard rubber has only minimum oxidation, no cracks etc. These pens rarely show up complete, they are usually missing the cap.
Text and photos by Georgr Fishler.

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