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domingo, 10 de abril de 2011


Please LOOK with your eyes open for this two pens shown in two different pics ; one is a ECLIPSE ( left ) and the other one is a LAKESIDE , BOTH sold at MONTGOMERY WARD STORES. The only diference between both pens is on the lever filler ( please check again the two pics ).

Another pic with several ECLIPSE PENS and again two  LAKESIDE  ( first two from the left ) . The fourth and fifth from the left   have a small diference: one has a boxed lever and the other one a "free" lever  .
JOHN ROEDE  an ECLIPSE expert wrote that : the top line house brand ( Montgomery Ward ) was  LAKESIDE , evidently never produced by ECLIPSE , and priced from $1.31 to $4.75. - Pen World. Vol. 19 , No 6 July 2006 , pagte 32.
I think that  looking to these pics John Roede should review that " EVIDENCE" .

Another example, this time with two longer slender pens.Please compare and judge by yourself

After this post I received the following information about John Roede

From: blackeraj@hotmail.com
Subject: Philadelphia Pen Collectors Group
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2010 14:34:38 -0500

It is with regret that I inform you of the recent death of our friend and
fellow club member John Roede.
John was the consummate engineer, credited with the development of an
innovative instrument used by
the petroleum industry to measure the productivity of oil wells.

John developed a self described “addiction” to collecting Vintage fountain
pens, which he researched and
wrote about in “Pen World Magazine”.

It was a pleasure to see John at our meetings. He was always cheerful, with
a ready smile and was a
delight in any conversation.

We will miss him.

I would like to thank to PAUL BLOCH who could obtain this information. Luiz


 Fourth pen from left with green horizontal stripes is a bulb filler NOT a lever filler like all the others

 Fourth pen from left is a very unusual " red cracked ice " ? pattern if we can call it like that because I never saw red ice!!!!!
Two first pens from left could remember Esterbrook pens and the last one is made with the same plastic of the " de luxe royal challenger Parker with the iconic sword clip".