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domingo, 27 de janeiro de 2013

A crescent filler WIRT pen with locker....

After posting yesterday the GRIESHABER pen I did remember that I have a #3 WIRT pen also with a crescent filler but with some differences:

1 - the crescent is smaller and not in metal but in ebonite,

2 - thought it also has a locker sistem to the crescent and also a turning knob at barrel's end to actuate on the locker , that locker is different because it has an outer and an inner part and it consists in  a single metal piece going from the barrel's end ( inside  it ) and it comes out  in the form of a flat "nail"  near the crescent. Have a look to the details on the following pics.


Detail of the crecent filler in ebonite and the outer part of the locker in the locked position.

Detail of the outer part of the locker in the unlocked position

Detail of the turning knob ( closed position )

Detail of the turning knob in open position. You can see on the two different pics the inner part and the beginning  of the locker  .

Two pics of the barrel's imprint

Detail of the #3 WIRT gold nib and on the next pic a detail of the classic WIRT feeder.

sábado, 26 de janeiro de 2013


I almost forgot this wonderful GRIESHABER pen and I found it this weekend and decided to share it with my friends. As you can see it is a crescent filler ( still with the price sticker  ) . Wich is interesting in this pen is its turning knob at barrel's end in order to lock the crescent and prevent any accidental pressure on the crescent and the consequent leak of ink !!! The pen is NOS and the gold filled cap band has some grim ( not brassed ) .
Of course that it would be nice to find a similar one in...RHR !!! 

Pics of the pen and some details