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sábado, 12 de maio de 2012

Six #22 SWAN emblem pen eyedroppers in black chased hard rubber

Six #22 Swan eyedropper emblem pens in black hard rubber with wide gold filled cap bands from the beginning of the last century . From left: 1 - The Cornell University. Founded A.D. 1865 . Image of Erza Cornell. Red and white enameled. 2 -... Harvard College seal: " Sigilum Academia Harvardiana in Nov Ang". Red and blue enmeled. 3 - Harvard College seal : "Sigillum Academia Harvardiana in Nov Ang." Gold toned 4 - Columbia College seal : " Sigillum Colegii Columbia Novi Eboraci " . Light blue enameled . 5 - Shriner's logo, with small red jewel in star. White enameled. 6 - Elk's head , with small red jewels for eyes. I had the luck of find pen collector Linda who sold me these six pens for a friendly price. Thanks Linda. The other Swan sisters I already have received these ones with great joy.

After this post I received the following information from AdrewC on the Pentrace message board:


regardind the possible meaning of the emblem with Elk's head. Thank you very much Andrew.

Some details of the emblems.

 Another comment ( and  Pic ) to this post this time from my friend Tsachi:
Here is a Parker pen with the Elks emblem. Quite different

Thanks Tsachi for your help with comment and pic. Anyway I think that the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks (BPOE; also often known as the Elks Lodge or simply The Elks) can have other sub or similar organizations ; have a look at the History:

The Elks had modest beginnings in 1868 as a social club (then called the "Jolly Corks") established as a private club to elude New York City laws governing the opening hours of public taverns. After the death of a member left his wife and children without income, the club took up additional service roles, rituals and a new name. Desiring to adopt "a readily identifiable creature of stature, indigenous to America," fifteen members voted 8-7 in favor of the elk above the buffalo.[2] Early members were mostly from theatrical performing troupes in New York City. It has since evolved into a major American fraternal, charitable, and service order with more than a million members, both men and women, throughout the United States and the former territories of the Philippines and the Panama Canal.[3]
When founded, membership in the BPOE was denied to blacks. Because of this policy, an unaffiliated, primarily black organization modeled on the BPOE was formed in 1898. This "Improved Benevolent Protective Order of the Elks of the World" (IBPOEW) remains a separate organization to this day. Membership in the BPOE was opened to African Americans in the 1970s, although the Winter Haven, Florida Elks Club was famously segregated as late as 1985, when Boston Red Sox Coach Tommy Harper protested a Red Sox policy of permitting them into the spring training clubhouse to issue lodge clubroom invitations to white players only. Women were permitted to join in the mid-1990s, but currently atheists are excluded. The opening of membership to women was mandated by the Oregon Public Accommodations Act, which was found by an appeals court to apply to the BPOE, and it has been speculated that the religious restriction might be litigated on the same basis.[4] A year after the national organization changed its policy to allow women to join, the Vermont Supreme Court ordered punitive damages of $5,000 for each of seven women whom a local chapter had rejected citing other reasons.[5] Current members are required to be U.S. citizens over the age of 21 and believe in God.

Anyway I do not exclude the hipothesis that the pen could be ordered by a single person who loved elks  (or  by any other reason ) and not by this organization ; but the more reasonable is that the pen was ordered ( like all the others ) by an organization (and in this case by the BPOE ) ; We will never know!!!

Thank you very much Tsachi for your contribution.

Photo shooted by Linda after I bought the pens from her

Photo with Linda ( Chicago Pen Show May 2012 )

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