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segunda-feira, 16 de abril de 2012

Some Waterman's ADs brochures

Some PATRICIAN pens related with this AD.

 Luiz : we were thinking along the same lines again: your addition of the Waterman brochures to your blog pages coincides with my updating the Patrician pages in my book. That said, finding good - that is, unambered - photographs of the various models is WORK. I have some excellent drawings of the Patrician, from my own brochure copy, but good pictures of some of the Lady Patricias and the pencils are few and far between. The onyx, particularly, almost always shows with some degree of ambering; one expects it of the nacre, but I guess - not being a person of science - that there must be something in the materials which were used which make them more light-sensitive than other models of the period.  Paul Bloch.

The Rose Wreath taper cap Waterman's #524. The Holly Grail 
of the taper cap Waterman's ?

Two very nice ( and scarce ) silver Waterman's eyedroppers from the turning of the the nineteenth century

Some taper and cone cap early Waterman's eyedroppers.
Some pen pedagogy: I bought the last pen from the left very cheap in a moment I didn't know too much about pens ( like today ) ; the seller told me that the price was cheap because the overlay ( line and dot ) was English but the taper cap was made in USA ( as it was imprinted ) ; I didn't care with that and I bought the pen. Later on ( years after )  an English friend, dealer and collector told me that I did a nice buy because everything was correct: those pens were imported from USA and the barrel's overlay made in UK with the British hallmarks remaining the cap with the USA imprint!  So next time if you want to buy an Waterman's taper cap with a British barrel's  overlay bear that in  your mind.

Another group of early Waterman's eyedroppers

Some details ( wonderful ) of the two #404 repoussés

A detail of the faded  HEATH hallmark to show that sometimes only with a macro photo our eye can have access to it ( #404 Indian scroll , third pen from the left ) .

Two early filigree #12 eyedropper Waterman's with the same pattern but some diferences.... one ( the one on the left seems to be earlier than the other on the right because : the silver work is thinner and have vertical groves ( see the details on the different close up pics ) . The one on the left have on the cap lip besides  the Waterman's imprint another one : pat'd may 24 98 ( 1898 ) . Both pens are fitted with the early Waterman's STAR nib .

 The small piece near the dropper is a curiosity wich I saw for the first time when I bought this pen. It is a rubber piece to be used to unscrew and screw the section from the barrel.... it can be usefull if section and barrel are stuck from the absence of a regular use of the pen and it can be also a way to avoid leak to your fingers. The two  pics were worked on by my friend João Pavão Martins.

Two Waterman´s taper cap models in black chased hard rubber. A #26 and #22 with a later clip and both with engraved
golf filled bands

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