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domingo, 27 de maio de 2012


Dunn Pen Company

709 Sixth Ave 1920-1922
71 Fifth Ave 1923-1927
Charles Dunn was listed as a fountain pen manufacturer as far back as 1910, but I have not been able to find out what line of pen he was making. In the 1920s Charles Dunn designed a line of high quality pump filler pens in hard rubber. He died before they ever hit the market in 1921. The pens were a great success. They were easy to spot with their red or orange filling knob at the bottom of the barrel. Their "Tattler" line had a transparent bakelite barrel. They were basically a one pen company, although they offered different sizes and a ladies pen. They did make a few overlays, but these are rare. Their models included the Tattler Hummingbird , Camel, and the Dreadnought. The early Dreadnaught pens were huge oversized models, but later the name proved to be such a strong selling point that they began using it as on a whole line of pens regardless of their size. they offered a 2 piece cap at some point that would allow you to unscrew the top half of the cap and insert the nib and section in ink for filling. Today their main drawback [besides being difficult to fix] is that the red filling knob is usually found with broken threads where it goes into the pen barrel. Some of their sales slogans were: "A regular camel for ink, goes a month without a drink" and "The fountain pen with the red pump handle". Their pens were difficult to repair and their reluctance to switch over to colored plastic eventually put them out of business in 1927. Black pens did not sell well after the Parker Big Red hit the market. They eventually started selling some celluloid pens, but it was too late to save the company.

A giant DUNN pen with a #20 WATERMAN'S pen and a #7 blow filler CROCKER in order you can have an idea of the real size of this pen!

The #12 gold  DUNN nib

Two big Dunn pens the first from the left with a bakelite barrel.
Photos worked on by João Pavão Martins to whom I wish to thank.

Ten different Dunn pens the first three from left with bakelite barrels

Eight more Dunn pens

Detail of the cap's imprint

Detail of barrel's imprint on  one of the bakelite models

 Details of the two different Dunn gold nibs fitted on the largest models

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