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domingo, 27 de maio de 2012


Postal Fountain Pens

29 W 43rd St., NYC. In the 1920s and early 30s the Postal pen company sold some big pens. They were high quality bulb fillers. They had a clear center barrel so you could see how much ink was in them. But they also had a sales gimmick. The pens sold for $2.50. With the pen you received 5 post cards. You tried to sell the post cards to you friends for 50 cents each. With the post card, they could get a pen for $2. If you sold all 5 postcards, you got your pen for free. If they sold 5 post cards, they got their pen for free, and so on and so on. This was a fountain pen pyramid scheme. Great pens.

Seven different Postal pens. Take a look at the fourth pen from the left with a different streamlined cap top a different clip and also a different imprint.

Detail of the cap's imprint

Detail of the different cap's imprint on the fourth pen from the left.

 Detail of the Postal gold nib

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