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sábado, 16 de junho de 2012


Salz Brothers Inc Fountain Pens

102 W 101st St NYC. Low to medium quality fountain pens [with a couple of good ones thrown in]. They sold run off the mill eyedropper pens, some with low quality overlays. They sold some very boring lever fillers in hard rubber. The diminutive Peter Pan may be their most collected pen. Some of their other models were the Black & White [which was a black hard rubber pen with ivory end caps], the Conqueror and the Red Top, which was a black pen with a red button on top. They also made a 666 pen. Salbro is also a marking they used on their pens. They made some decent filigrees in the 1920s which basically were the same as the ones being sold by Morrison and some others. In the 1930s they began using the name "Stratford" on some of their pens. The Stratford name must have sounded better than Salz and eventually they changed their name to the Stratford Pen Co. It seems to have worked out for them, you will find more Stratfords today than Salz pens. Stratford was located at 44 W 28th st in NYC. Stratford sold a line of pens in the 30s and 40s that either were made by Wearever or were made of parts supplied by Wearever. The similarities cannot be denied. Stratford hit their high point in the 1940s with the "Magnetic" fountain pen. This pen had the styling of a rocket ship with tailfins and the inner cap was a magnet. The magnet pulled the cap down onto the metal ring around the section and also locked it onto the metal piece on the end of the barrel to post the cap. This was a great idea to prevent cracked caps from posting. Their lower lines were named Conqueror and Warwick.
From BRUCE WEBSTER  Pencyclopedia.

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