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sábado, 1 de janeiro de 2011

MONOGRAM pens from the REXALL STORES, in black hard rubber.

Rexall was created as a brand name for products sold by a cooperative of independent drug stores, United Drug Stores,formed in 1902 by Louis K. Liggett.  After the First World War , the cooperative established a franchise whereby independently owned retail outlets adopted the REXALL trade name , and sold REXALL products,including fountain pens made by different  manufacturers ( The Moore pen Co., Sanford and Bennett and Winter -Robbins & Drew, at least). The authors of the book - The chronicle of the fountain pen, stories within a story think that the first pens like those on the picture and even some early Rexall  eyedroppers, were made by Mabie Todd & Co. but this is a conjecture. Pens made by those different manufacturers were named : MONOGRAM, BELMONT and DIXIE. It's possible anyway that other manufacturers also made REXALL pens and that other Rexall sub brands appear in the future! We are always trying to learn more and more! That´s the fun of the hobby!!!

 Details of clips and nibs.

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