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domingo, 2 de janeiro de 2011

A MOORE, a BELMONT pen and a ......story!!!!!

In August 2008 I was atending  the WASHINGTON DC SUPER SHOW organized by my friend BOB JOHNSON and I saw a little green MOORE pen. I thought to my myself the reason why a big pen manufacturer like MOORE Pen Co. made a small pen like that one , but, as a pen collector who buy any pen I like ( and I liked that one for the nice green colour and the ART DECO style ) , I paid a few dollars and I came back with that  unusual small MOORE pen . That's the first part of this story !  A month ago, I saw on Ebay what seemed to be a similar pen but, in burgundy red  ( the pic was very bad , maybe taken with a scanner ) and ...........imagine, " not a MOORE pen" but a BELMONT made for the REXALL STORES!!Of course it was also a MOORE made for those stores under the brand BELMONT!!! Again, we don't need to spend lots of money to have fun with our hobby , find nice pens and, keep improving our knowledge about these wonderful objects. Enjoy these two small but very interesting pens and try to imagine their way along all the years they survive until reaching my hands.

Details of the two clips

Details of the two cap bands

Details of the nibs ; the MOORE'S nib is probably a replacement.

And the growth of the family!!!!!!!!!!


Ater this post I found two more pens ( a Moore and also a  Belmont ) in a biggest size but with exactly the same caractheristics

Details of the clips

Details of cap bands

Details of the two nibs

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