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domingo, 16 de janeiro de 2011

Details of the HEATH hallmark on the two pens and the A.A. Waterman nib fitted on the right pen .

We can only conjecture if this is a replacement nib or... if the pen is a real A.A.WATERMAN  " dressed " by HEATH !!!??? There are  no other marks on the cap or barrel of this pen. We also know about the "war" moved by L.E.WATERMAN  to A.A.WATERMAN and the obligation of the last one to engrave on their pens : NOT CONNECTED WITH L.E.WATERMAN !!! This kind of engraving would take the beauty to a pen like this. Could A.A.WATERMAN opted to keep only the HEATH hallmark and the original  A.A.WATERMAN nib???? Your opinion would be appreciated. If you have any problem to leave a comment you can e-mail me to : lleite@netcabo.pt and I will post the comment on the blog.

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