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sábado, 5 de fevereiro de 2011

DUNHILL NAMIKI, maki-e lacquer pen decorated with pagoda in a wooded landscape, executed in iroe-hira-taka maki-e with oki-birame,aogai inlay and Mura Nishiji and 14 -karat band ( c. 1930 ). NAMIKI lacquer over sterling silver, one of the rarest maki-e pens ( c. 1927-1935 ). WATERMAN # 12 - 1/2 eyedropper pen in black hard ruber , with japanese made Hiramaki-e and Tka-maki-e overlay. Note that the imprint area was left untouched. Acordind to what had been refered to me when I bought this pen, it belonged to an American lady who when travelling to Japan in hollidays in the beginning of the twenty century , became in love with this kind of ancient japanese art and comissioned a Lacquer artist to do this work on her pen!

Detail of the imprinted barrel area without the lacquer work!

Detail of the nice takamaki-e and heavy hiramaki-e with kirikane. A wonderful work made certainly by a lacquer master who didn´t sign his work.

Detail of the Waterman's # 2 gold nib

Next six photos: details of the nice lacquer work over silver. I didn´t clean the pen in order to prevent any damage over that lacquer work and also to keep the natural patina.

Detail of the # 2 PILOT gold nib.

Next three photos: Details of the wonderful  lacquer work .

Signature indecipherable ( Shogo ? )
Detail of the DUNHILL NAMIKI gold nib.

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陈涛 disse...

Hi Luiz, just stumbled on your blog today 7 May 2012.

I like these Dunhill Namiki pens and dare I ask if you are keen to sell these pens? Can you give me an email on s.taochen@gmail.com