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sexta-feira, 18 de fevereiro de 2011

DIAMOND MEDAL DIPLOMAT ( National Pen products )

National Pen Products a prolific pen manufacturer of medium to high grade fountain pens used many different names. It has been said if you ordered100 pens they would put any name you wanted on them. I believe they also bought up other pen companies for their names and or machinery. They probably made more oversize flattop pens then any other company. In 1934 they owned the trademarks LINCOLN, GOLD MEDAL and GOLD CROWN ( and probably more ).They probably originated from the CE BARRET company wich was at that adress in the 1920's. GOLD BOND was one of their higher quality pens. GOLD MEDAL was possibly sold to PARKER with PARKER or made pens with PARKER patents later in the late 30's. The LINCOLN pens were earlier than most of the of the other pens they produced and came in hard rubber. The GOOD SERVICE oversize flattops were also made by them. BRUCE WEBSTER in PENCYCLOPEDIA.

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