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sexta-feira, 3 de abril de 2015

A rare Depression pearl blue line Parker pen ....and some more

Comparison of the pearl black line depression Parker pen with the pearl blue line one .I even didn't know before about the existence of this color . This pen only, justify the cross of the Atlantic and all the continental US to attend the LA Pen Show 2015 !!!! To a serious pen collector this pen represents a small jewel ....independent of its commercial value which is low !!!!
As all of you know, Parker made two different sizes of depression pens . These two are also an example of the two sizes. I hope you can enjoy. Wish to all of you, crazy pen guys, a great weekend .

2 comentários:

Paul Bloch disse...

A beautiful collection of Depression pens, Luiz; some are spectacular, and the blue veins are a first for my eyes.
Thank you, as ever.

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