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sábado, 5 de outubro de 2013

A CHILTON pen set and a love story

It's a well known love story the marriage of Edward VIII of England with a divorced American woman called Wallis Simpson. Due to that Edward was obliged to abdicate of the throne  of England and it was his brother Albert Duke  of York who was coronated and took the name of George VI  in order to ensure the continuity of the Windsor's House. 
Edward and Wallis Simpson lived sometime in Portugal  in the house of the Espirito Santo , a well known banker's family and owners of the Banco Espírito Santo ; the house still exist today and it's located in Cascais a small fishermen's village on those days. 
For unknown reasons  other than to commemorate the coronation of George VI ,Chilton decided in 1937 to make a special pen set of it's Wing-Flow model with a inlaid crown and the letters G VI R ( George VI Rex ) in maroon ,fitted inside of a very nice box with a crown on it's top and called it the Coronation set . To the Chilton pen collectors this is a very sought and hard to find pen set.

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