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domingo, 2 de junho de 2013

PARKER #11 sterling silver cable chased design overlay, eyedropper filled taper cap pen. The latest arrival to my collection.

The PARKER #11  cable chased design overlay, eyedropper filled taper cap pen was made in two versions : one gold filled  already posted on this blog ( and a sterling silver one ). Both pens have no PARKER imprint or any other imprint  on the barrel ( for instance the pat. , sterling silver or gold filled or whatever! )  but instead of  that both have the pat. and the Parker imprint on  the black hard rubber taper cap. This happens also on the #11 aluminum Parker version. Besides that the sterling barrel ends in an abrupt way on the bhr barrel's end wich doesn't  happen with the gold filled version wich ends like in the section's junction with a kind of ring. I was intrigued with this and the possibility of a defect but when I consulted the first Fischler & Schneider book I could see not only in the cover but also in the page iii ( introduction ) a similar pen.

This is a scan of the pen represented on the  Fischler & Schneider book.

 My pen ( the pics are not mine but from the seller ).

The referred abrupt end....

The end of the sterling barrel on the section with a kind of a ring.....

The cap imprint ( partial ) . Later on I will add more pics

My gold filled version with similar barrel's ends.

Now some questions: why George S. Parker  decision not to mark these very early overlays ? 
Were they also made  by Heath ...or not yet?  If not who was the maker ? 
As a matter of fact I have a dip pen and a pencil in sterling silver with exactly the same pattern only marked sterling silver but not Heath ! 
Have a look at them

The sterling imprint on the dip pen

The sterling imprint on the pencil

And now a late dip pen (?) more ergonomic but with different pattern and imprinted sterling and also with the H inside a square wich was Heath hallmark

So I think that everything is correct with my pen and I would like to thank to George Kovalenko who helped me to find the year of the manufacture of this pen ( sometime after 1894 ) .

On the last days a nice discussion about this pen was open on the facebook group " fountain pen collectors".
Here is the link for those who use the FB:

To the others who do not use FB here is the complete discussion:

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