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segunda-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2013

Four unusual SWAN pens

First pen is a US SWAN made at the final production of that factory. What it is unusual is that the barrel's imprint says: SWAN VICHY PEN and under this imprint there are another one saying PDG  ( wich means in French:  President Directeur General the corresponding in US to the CEO ). The other unusual detail is the fact that this pen it is not a lever filler as usual but a button filler ! Can we conclude that it was an export Swan pen made on the beginning of the war and exported to France ?

After I post this pen and my comments I received this email
 from  George  Kovalenko who of course is right in all the comments he did:


The carat mark on the Swan pen may be hiding under the section, 
but I don't think it is a for the French market. I think it is a "Capacity" 
pen, not "Vichy", and "PDG" may stand for "Pending", as in "Other 
Patents Pending". Earlier the pen was a spiral-twist-rod piston filler, 
patent no. 1,518,548, but David Moak's book, p.177, says it was later 
made as a button filler, possibly Carman's patent no. 2,003,479.

After reading this I did laugh until tears rolled down my face !!!! And  let me tell you that I was tempted to remove all the text I wrote when I posted the pen. It was a ridiculous text and 
a shame  for any collector. Anyway and after thinking a little I decided to left the original text with the considerations because : 
1 - the goal of my blog it is not " I there , look to pens I have " 
but a blog to discuss some pens of my collection : their 
complexity, used raw materials, design, colors, filling systems  and so on.

2 - as the name says it is a blog for fun and for that reason not a perfect blog.

3 - finally it is an example how a a fast and not well fundamented approach ( even seeming correct ) can be a disaster and very shameful . So this was a lesson to myself and in the future I will be more cautious

If you think you know everything , bear in your mind that you don't.
Keep away your hubris , be modest and try to listen and discuss in a modest way the opinions of the other collectors.
Try to fundament your opinions even when you think that it is not necessary because everything is to obvious ( the presented case it  is a nice example ! )

The imprint is faint but you can read it all on the various pics

Two Eternal Swan pens, in scarlet color and  nice condition ( NOS ) .

A mottled olive hard rubber clipless SWAN lever filler pen

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