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sábado, 22 de dezembro de 2012

Another mysterious eyedropper pen

Until now I only saw the called Patch  or  Puritan pattern on the Waterman's brand. Sometime ago I bought a similar pen but without any imprint but with an easy visible high quality . Trying to find the pen maker I could't achieve any conclusion . Comparing with my LE Waterman's what were the main diferences wich I found? 

1 - the barrel's end is in black hard rubber with an engraved number: 0502 in the Waterman's pen and in metal without any imprint on the other pen. See photo

2 - looking to both pens when they are closed we can observe a bhr ring between cap and barrel on the Waterman's pen and on the other one we have metal against metal. This is due to diferences on the sections: the proximal area on the Waterman's section has a protuding ring wich is visible when we close the pen; the section of the other pen has in its proximal area a kind of ramp to slide the cap when we close the pen and wich allows the metal cap and the metal barrel to stay in perfect conjunct . See photo

3 - the feeder on the Waterman's pen is the classic " spoon feeder" and on the other pen is very similar to an AA Waterman feeder . See photo

4 - to avoid any temptation to say that this pen could be an Aikin Lambert I invite you to compare the cap tops and check that they are completely diferent. See photo

5 - Finally the last attempt I did to find the maker : Carey ! The problem was that almost all Carey pens are marked . See photo

So the mistery remains ; due to its high quality is it possible that this is a special order to AA Waterman ( have again a look to the feeder ) . All the possibilities should be overlooked and all the sugestions about this pen are welcome. 

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