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quarta-feira, 15 de fevereiro de 2012

CONKLIN CRESTOR the unraveled mistery..........

In August 2008 during the Washington Fountain Pen Super Show organized by my friend Bob Johnson I found a very interesting fountain pen ( first from the left on the first photo ) with no nib, a Conklin feeder and made with a similar plastic used by Conklin on some of their models ( see pen set on the first photo ) ; I also noticed that the lever was not a classic Conklin one but the clip was very similar to the Conklin clips of some ALL AMERICAN CONKLIN models ( check again on the first photo pens nos. 3 , 6 and 7 ) although they have crossed arrows engraved on the top of the clips !
The seller asked me something like forty dollars and I bought the pen because I found it very nice.
Again,  during a Washington Fountain Pen Super Show but this time in August 2011 I saw a similar pen gray with red speckles with a CONKLIN feeder and a warranted gold nib ( second pen from the left on the first photo ). Another forty dollars and I was more intrigued than when I bought the first one !

The first three photos were worked on by my friend João Pavão Martins to whom I wish to thank.

Second photo with details of the first three pens: two Conklin Crestor and one Conklin All-American

After coming back home from the Show and still during the year of 2011  I bought on Ebay a similar jet black pen set ( same engraved clip, same lever filler, same Conklin feeder and same Warranted gold nib ) but this time inside a Conklin box !!!!! It was too much coincidence ( third photo ) .

During the month of January 2012 I bought on Ebay another similar pen in jet black but this time with a barrel´s imprint:  CONKLIN CRESTOR made in USA   !!!!!! The mistery was unraveled four years after I bought the first pen !!!!! See next photos.

Now, the next step is to discover to what enterprise ( ? )  belonged that monogram with crossed arrows because everything points toward a custom order . What do you think ?

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miker2001 disse...

Luiz, your pictures are great. I love to see and talk pens!!! Any time of day or night!!! The colors of these pens are super special. These Conklins are no longer a secret!!!!